Rocky Road Minerals started out as a small online shop, but due to huge demand we soon opened a walk-in shop in Mallow Cork and most recently in Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dublin. We are a family run business made up of mineral lovers and collectors with an incredible passion and endless enthusiasm for all things rocks and minerals! We never miss an opportunity to collect, so we can bring you current and sought after finds from most localities in most Irish counties AND from around the world. We collect and sell the finest unique, rare, and colourful specimens, including polished, tumbled and faceted stones, raw rocks, healing crystals, crystal jewellery and other gem and mineral collectables. We have also expanded our product range to include more stunning high-quality jewellery as well as miscellaneous esoteric products including smudging and incense sticks, craft supplies, beauty products, candles and holders and much, much, more!


Unit 21  Stephen’s Green West, Dublin 2.